Pike can sing this to Lisbon




Hey i just met you and this is crazy but

change your job, move to another city, marry me, have my babies, let’s die together


Her answer:



Yeees exaaacltyyy!

We just finished filming, and the ultimate episode could serve as end. But it can also be a perfect starting point for season 7.


Chris Long  (via thetroublewecanmake)

Starting point…I like the sound of that.

(via snowflurryflake)


Oh admit it Patrick Jane…You got all kinds of kinky running through your brain right now!!


We know what you’re doing ;)

3x04 and 6x18

A place like this, there must be a lot of people.

This is the expression of a woman who realizes that she has heard all the words she wanted to hear but it’s not from the man she really wants it to come from.




his smile grows at Lisbon’s touch


Robin is such an amazing actress. Lisbon is so freaking out.

OTP + Performing a magic trick together.

Robin Tunney Interview on Love Triangle and more...


Robin Tunney and Pedro Pascal in ‘The Mentalist’

"Game of Thrones" heartthrob Pedro Pascal (who plays the Red Viper, Oberyn Martell, on the HBO series) is generating new interest for "The Mentalist" as FBI Special Agent Marcus Pike, quieting fears that the CBS drama wouldn’t…

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